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(but I like to make friends)
If you add me, please let me know.

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like your tillich quote. added you to the friend list.

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adding you to the very small # of new mexican teachers with livejournals...add me back? (do we know each other?)

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der, the bottom 1/3 of your face now does look familiar. I'm brilliant sometimes...

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hello! I was surfing around LJ, and happened upon your blog. I'd like to add you .. we seem to have a few interests in common.

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Added you.

Like the..

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knitting quote. If I get home really frazzled, I get out whatever sewing has been languishing for the last year, stitch for an hour or two until I unwind.

Not everyone approves, but I don't have to please everyone. Luckily the wif is summat non-conformist herself; she doesn't care...

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Did you unfriend me? I'm sorry if I did something to make you unfriend me. I always enjoy your posts.

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Hi I am adding you - found you through thegarlicbite but I think we have some other friends in common :)